District Membership Chair - DGN Rick Caron

Membership Coordinators -jim perri and Noel Jackson

Welcome to the District 6400 Membership page.
You will find information attracting new members and retaining members.

Strengthen your Rotary Club

8 Tips for getting young people interested in you Rotary Club

100 Ways To Recruit

Attract to Grow - Retain to Gain - Guidling Priciples Membership Development Plan

Club Membership and Retention Igniting Tips

Club Survey Responds about Membership

Best Pracitices for Activities and Events

Day of Dialogue Discussion notes report

District 7630 Rotary Toolbox

Elements of a Successful Club

Engage More Effectively with Young People

How to manage membership club leads

Membership and Why?

Membership Best Practices

Membership Club Checklist

Membership Essentials Top 10

More About Membership

New Face of Rotary

Retain to Gain     Retain to Gain 2  Retain to Gain 4  Retain to Gain 5  Retain to Gain 6
Retain to Gain 7 Retain to Gain 9

RI Membership Assessment Tool

Rotary Core Values

Strengthen Rotary Clubs

What do Rotarians Want?



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