The 2011 Vocational Training Team

L-R: Barbara Lehey (alternate), Jana Kendrick, Timothy Brady, Debra Rossi, Michael Carmody (Team Leader from Grosse Point Club), Kiersten Hanson, Jennifer Kelly and Moira Tannenbaum.

In-Bound 2010 Group Study Exchange Team D9100

Team Leader
Davy Michel Yago

Industrial equipments
Eric Tsini

Banking Industry
Sorho Ouagnimin

Financial strategies
Tenin Valerie Sonia Yameogo

Rural Works Engineer

Akossiwa Essenam Paniah

Financial Analyst Manager

Your Out - Bound Group Study Exchange Team
Will be in Ghana and Burkina Faso - Northwest Africa
in District 9100


Our team will be there April 3 to May 2, 2010.
The Team will focus on all types of WATER MANAGMENT!

L-R DG Neil, Team Leader Derek Locke, Katie Bush, Paul Mourad,
Athena Kolby and Andrew Dowie.

The Vocational Training Team (VTT) program of The Rotary Foundation is a unique vocational exchange opportunity
for young business and professional men and women.


Training Team (VTT)

What is a VTT Exchange?

What is Provided?

For each team member, The Rotary Foundation provides the most economical round-trip air ticket between Detroit and VTT site.

Why Should I Participate?

What is required of me?

Before leaving: Participate in any orientation sessions or group meetings and obtain the necessary documents for traveling. During the tour:

  • accept the decisions of the Rotarian team leader;
  • fulfill any requirements to speak at host district gatherings;
  • remain with the group throughout the study tour except when individual activities are planned; and
  • maintain standards of behavior which will reflect positively on Rotary and the home country. 

After returning:

  • prepare and submit final reports of the tour as required by the sponsoring district and The Rotary Foundation; and
  • speak about your study tour experiences to Rotary clubs and other groups.

Who is eligible?

How do I Apply?

Applying for a Team Member must be made through a local District 6400 Rotary Club!


District 6400 VOCATIONAL TRAINING TEAM Committee Membership
Committee Co-Chairs
Committee Members
Area Representatives

Armando Sardanopoli

Bob Gordon

Emil Houtteman
Jan Kelly
Mary Knauer
Ed Link

Metro Detroit
Don Alles
Ron Vitale
Downriver/South Suburbs
Armando Sardanopoli
Metor Windsor/Essex Fertile Lands
DGN Michael Duben
Gordon Drake
Bob Gordon
Lake Erie
Mary Kehoe
West Urban
Penny Oglesby
West Suburbs/Metro Airport
Scott Wilson

DG Michael Duben
DGE Mary Kehoe
DGN Donna Schmidt
Dave Carpenter, PDG
Bob Gallagher, PDG
Jim Ives, PDG
Jennifer Jones, PDG
Jack Mueller, PDG


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